So Up!

So Up!

Social networking application for personal activities and plans creation and sharing them with friends and people nearby.

Technologies: CloudKit, Networking, CoreLocation, UIKit, Foundation, CoreData, Notification Extension, fastlane, Swift, In-app purchases, JSON

Team: 2 iOS developers


So Up! is an iOS social networking application, that allows users to search for friends, plan activities with friends, or join them in their plans. Users can create an intent to do some activity (go to the cinema, workout, skiing, etc.), a place to meet or inform friends about free time to plan something non-categorized. His friends can react to this activity, informing him that they are interested in it and plan a day(for activity) or action(for a time). Also users can inform their friends that they are available to do anything right now. Thus they have the ability to find someone to meet without planning anything at the nearest time.


Users can review all reactions to their intents and reply to them using any available messaging application.

User profiles

Users can review their own profiles, that will store all their intents or check their friends’ profiles.

Invite friends

New users can be invited via e-mail or any messaging application. The new user will become friends with the inviter.


The core logic of the application is built on CloudKit technology. It is used to create and store broadcast intents. The offline part of the app is provided by CoreData. So Up! uses CloudKit subscriptions to keep all the needed data up to date. The application also has push notifications. Notification extension is used to provide users with notifications because CloudKit can not send a formatted push by itself.