Some of the cases developed
for our clients.


Pmbox is a cross-platform management tool for teams to manage their workload, time tracking, people performance, and other corporate staff.
- Time and tasks management;
- Projects and teams management;
- Different workspaces management;
- Chats with teammates;
- Time reporting;
- Notifications.

Dart, Flutter, SingalR, SQLite, AWS, JSON, Providers

Crypto app

Social crypto portfolio application.
- Manage all your crypto assets;
- Share your experiences and insight on your social timeline to gain followers and boost your reputation;
- Track transactions and profits.

CoreAnimation, JSON, Swift 5, Networking, Alamofire, UIKit, KeychainSwift, Foundation, CoreData, JazzHands, fastlane
Crypto app

So Up!

Social networking application for personal activities and plans creation and sharing them with friends and people nearby. Core functionality:
- Create plans;
- Search and add friends;
- Users reactions on activities and events reports.

CloudKit, Networking, CoreLocation, UIKit, Foundation, CoreData, Notification Extension, fastlane, Swift, In-app purchases, JSON
So Up!

Pay My Bill

Personal finances tracking and management.
- Keep and manage all your bills in one place;
- Regular payments, track financial history;
- Get notified about upcoming expenses;
- Other financial operations.

Providers, Stripe, HTTP/HTTPS, SQLite, Location, fastlane, Dart, JSON, Flutter
Pay My Bill


Smart thermostat control application. Easily monitor and manage the temperature at home from anywhere. Get smart alerts on your phone.

Web Sockets, Objective-C, Custom hardware


Tickets searching and booking application. Plan your vacation, search for flights and hotels all over the world, book flights and places where you want to stay.

Swift, MVVM / MVC / MVVM-C